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Junior Gym 


We believe that is vitally important that everyone is encouraged to exercise regularly as part of a healthy active lifestyle.  It is crucial that children adopt these habits early and that is why we now offer Junior Gym Memberships for children aged 11-15.

We have treadmills, cycling machines, cross trainers and rowing machines for a cardio workout and cable resistance machines which support weight based functional exercises for strength and conditioning.

There are two types of junior gym sessions (please see timetable on the second sheet)

CARDIO ONLY: Parent supervised sessions:  A parent must accompany their child and be in the gym exercising at the same time - perfect for families to adopt an active lifestyle together.


CARDIO AND RESISTANCE: Staff supervised sessions: A qualified personal trainer and leader of physical activity for adolescents will be in the gym and monitor the sessions.  Parents can still be exercising in the gym.  The personal trainer will answer questions and assist with session requirements. Junior members must follow the instructions of the trainer in the gym.



All junior members will be required to undertake an induction, during which a member of staff will explain how to use all the equipment safely. We recommend all parents attend an induction, however, it’s not mandatory for adults.

All Juniors must have a parent or guardian present during the membership sign up process and they will be required to sign a consent form for the junior membership to be processed.  The junior member and parent will also be required to sign a pre-exercise declaration form.

Inductions must be pre booked for either a Monday or Saturday!

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